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Five Big Ideas From CivicAction’s Better City Bootcamp

Written by Peter Goffin
Published in the Torontoist 

On Tuesday, some of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area’s leaders in healthcare, housing, labour, and governance came together for the Better City Bootcamp, a summit held every four years to identify and discuss the region’s most pressing issues.

This year, the Bootcamp focused on five broad themes identified by CivicAction, the non-partisan civic leadership organization that hosts the event, and TD Economics:

  • Housing affordability and matching senior healthcare to housing options
  • Mental health and the workplace
  • The importance of the “first 1,000 days,” from a child’s conception to its second birthday
  • Public spaces, physical activity, and health
  • Increased density and weather intensity and the infrastructure needs of tomorrow

The discussion, spread across speeches by the likes of John Tory and Kathleen Wynne as well as panel talks with experts and advocates, presented a wide array of solutions, concerns, and calls to action.

Below are the five we found most unique, useful, and stimulating. If there is one takeaway from the Bootcamp as a whole, it’s that all of these themes, and all the ideas brought up over the course of the day, are intertwined.

The goal is a city healthy in body and mind, with proper care for children and the elderly, and a strong economy with steady work and a living wage for all.

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