netWORKS: Regional Mentoring Initiative: Connecting Youth with Role Models

netWORKS launch

Click the photo to see our Flickr album of the netWORKS launch event.

Doors open to greater opportunities when young people have strong networks. By connecting youth with mentors who have “been there”, we can help youth who face barriers to employment to develop the professional networks they need. Just as important as navigating the job market, role models can help youth understand what’s required to succeed.

For our Escalator initiative, in partnership with United Way Toronto & York Region and TenThousandCoffees,com, CivicAction launched netWORKS, a youth networking and mentoring program that taps into companies and organizations from across the Toronto region. Our collaborative approach creates new ways for young people to make the kinds of connections they need to find meaningful career opportunities.

Levelling the playing field for youth facing barriers to employment, netWORKS is designed to connect the dots between employers and youth like never before through a new centralized, flexible and technology-driven model. Together, we are helping youth reach their full potential.

So far, 83% of netWORKS mentees have gained a better understanding of the credentials and skills they might need to succeed in different industries. 81% of mentees have a better understanding of the kinds of careers they might be interested in and 78% are more confident in their ability to find meaningful employment.

“This partnership is an incredibly innovative solution that will provide a new way for young people to build their network, have career conversations, and make meaningful connections.”

– Susan McIsaac, President and CEO, United Way Toronto & York Region