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EDITORIAL: Funding transit is everyone’s problem

There are several things we continually push for when it comes to Toronto's transit future: that it be developed by way of a comprehensive, long-term plan that's consultative, includes a solid business case and is regional in its scope.

These last two elements are particularly critical for our city, as was noted by St. Paul's Councillor Josh Matlow this week when he asked city council's executive committee to partner with GTA municipalities on creating a funding strategy for transit. The concept, having been approved by the executive, heads to city council for debate in July, where we hope the idea gets its final green light.

Transit in southern Ontario won't work if it's planned in isolation. Just as people's commutes are rarely defined by borders, the infrastructure upon which they get to and from work shouldn't be either. The transit grid stretches far and wide, sees varying journey lengths and a variety of entry and exit points. There are two things all transit routes in the GTA have in common, regardless of municipality: traffic upon them gets worse by the year and there's no complete revenue plan in place to ensure the infrastructure grows with the demand.

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