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Don’t sit in traffic, speak up for Your 32

Spending more time with family.
Catching up on sleep.
Enjoying a better work experience.

Ahhh, the perfect life — a glorious 32 minutes more a day to lounge in bed, share breakfast and banter with family or arrive at work less frazzled and more productive.

For thousands of Greater Toronto Area commuters, these are three ultimate lifestyle qualities being slowly snatched from our living-the-dream grasp as we inch our way to and from work on congested, gridlocked and deplorably inadequate roads.

The Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance, an advocacy group calling for better regional transit connections, ignited a campaign three months ago called Your 32, asking commuters what they would do with an extra 32 minutes — the amount of time the transit planning agency, Metrolinx, says will be lost if a $50-billion Big Move regional transportation plan is not completed within the next 25 years.

And worse, without spending the money to improve a crippled system, commute times will continue to rise even further from 77 to 109 minutes, according to Metrolinx — an Ontario government agency created to improve the way we get around. Metrolinx launched its regional transportation plan, The Big Move, four years ago.

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