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Critics say OneCity plan should be region wide

Toronto's needs should not be only conversation when it comes to transit planning

Right before an expected showdown at Toronto City Council this week over the OneCity transit plan, a number of organizations say they want to see future transit investment benefit the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) as a whole.

Mitzie Hunter, CEO of the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance, represents one of those organizations.

Hunter likes aspects of OneCity, which seeks to build a comprehensive network of subways, LRTs, bus and streetcar lines for the City of Toronto over the next 30 years.

She and group chair John Tory support the plan's call for dedicated funding via property tax increases, a sign of local politicians' increased appetite for mature discussions about paying for transit. But when it comes to addressing municipal congestion, Hunter believes OneCity fails to make the grade.

"Toronto needs to be part of the conversation, but it can't be the only conversation," said Hunter last week from CivicAction Alliance's downtown headquarters.

Research shows residents across the GTHA consider transportation issues the number one priority for the region.

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