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“Appalling commute times make it much harder for students”

Young adults in Ontario, often chided for their lack of participation in politics, need to ensure that their voices are heard on issues such as transportation gridlock and long commute times in and around Toronto, members of the youth wings of four political parties said Wednesday.

Transportation is one issue close to the hearts of students, many of whom don’t have their drivers’ licences and rely on family or public transit to get around, said Alanna Newman, president of the Ontario PC Youth Association. A third-year student studying political science at U of T, she was part of the panel organized by the Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance, a non-partisan group that brings together senior executives to tackle social, economic and environmental challenges.

“Young people do have a role to play in this discussion of transit. Students need to get involved in a political party or an issues-based group like CivicAction and ensure their voices are heard,” Newman said.

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