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CNW Case Study: How CivicAction Empowered Urban Affairs Initiatives With Targeted Distribution

Written by May Warren
Published by CNW on Cision 

For over a decade, CivicAction has brought together senior executives and rising leaders from all sectors to tackle some of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area’s (GTHA)  toughest challenges. The organization sets a non-partisan agenda, builds strategic partnerships and launches campaigns, programs, and organizations that transform the region.

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Building relationships with regional and local media has been CivicAction’s main communications strategy. “Due to the combination of our work spanning a number of specialized topics and specific focus on the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, we’ve found that direct media outreach is the most effective method in generating media coverage,” said Sarah Harris, Director, Communications at CivicAction. Harris and her team have also spent a lot of time leveraging a solid network of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

But CivicAction is a small team with limited resources, so its capability to reach mass audiences has been difficult. “Our main challenge is reaching a wider audience beyond those who are already directly involved in our work or follow us closely on social media,” said Harris.

Aside from wanting to reach groups beyond the downtown cores of Toronto and Hamilton, CivicAction wanted ways to reach newsrooms on a broader scale. Ultimately, it needed a service that could help them target effectively both near and far.

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CivicAction leveraged CNW (a Cision Company)’s newswire distribution service to build a regular cadence of communication with new audiences along with its active audience. “We identify strategic moments to use CNW when we want an announcement or event to have the largest impact possible or the greatest reach,” said Harris. “Specific timing is also coordinated to occur alongside other communications activities, like social media postings and presentations.”

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Over the past two years, CivicAction has seen tens of thousands of views & hits on it’s news releases, along with a high amount of click-throughs back to its website and campaign-specific web properties.

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CivicAction has also seen an uptake in earned media opportunities through using newswire distribution. “Through CNW’s platform, we can ensure that our advisories and news releases get to the screens and desks of both major outlets and key regional or community newspapers who may have interest in a specific initiative,” said Harris.

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