CivicDish: Food for thought

Through CivicDish more than 500 residents across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area taste-tested up to three issues affecting our region, and dished out their ideas on how to solve them. These ideas will inform CivicAction’s work to tackle affordable housing, prepare for the future of work, and unlock inclusive leadership.

Here’s how it worked: All participants had to do is bring together some great people over good food to help fuel ideas, and then share what they discover with CivicAction. Whether sitting down to mealtime, coffee time or snack time discussions, we’ve developed an easy to use toolkit and way to share ideas with us. While CivicDish is officially over, you can still download the toolkit and host a conversation by signing up below. 

The recipe for success: 

STEP 1: Pick the right ingredients

You’re in charge of your event – start by deciding who to invite, which topics you want to discuss, and pick a place to gather. You’re not in it alone! We’re here to help. Whether you’re gathering over tapas or tea, biryani or breakfast, leftovers or lobster, feel free to reach out to us at if you need any help.

STEP 2: Choose your tasters

You can invite anyone you want to your event. Make a WhatsApp group, send an email around, start a text thread, create a Facebook event— whatever works best for you!

STEP 3: Give ‘em something to taco ‘bout

During the event, you’re the discussion host. Your role is to guide the discussion, make sure everyone feels respected and heard, and take notes so you can deliver your ideas and insights right to CivicAction.  To help you out, we’ve developed a CivicDish Host Toolkit – it’s packed with information about the topics, discussion questions, and useful tips.

Download our “Focus and Frame It” sheets:

Life in the skills lane

STEP 4: Take a snap of your spread

Whether you snap it for the ‘gram, DM it to a friend, or just e-mail it to your mom, share what you’re doing with your friends and family and encourage them to host their own CivicDish events.  

STEP 5: Don’t Dine and Dash – Report back!

We want to hear about interesting ideas and common themes that came up! After your event has wrapped up, submit your insights and observations to CivicAction and help inform our regional agenda for the next four years.

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