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CivicAction’s plan for unemployed youth warrants strong business and government support: Editorial

Published in the Toronto Star

They aren’t just missing a pay day. The estimated 83,000 Toronto-area young people currently not in a job, school, or training also lack any serious expectation of a better future.

Instead of being on a path moving forward too many are adrift — burdened by hopelessness that saps their self-esteem, feeds despair, and magnifies their social isolation. This makes high levels of youth unemployment caustic to individuals, and to society. And it’s why a new initiative meant to give young people work, direction and purpose warrants enthusiastic support.

CivicAction outlines the problem, and offers its solution, in a new report titled: Escalator — Jobs for Youth Facing Barriers. The non-profit group recommends a four-pronged approach designed to engage small and medium-sized businesses, boost young people’s skills, arrange mentorships, and make it easier for them to find jobs that do become available. It’s an eminently practical effort to meet a compelling need.

About 10 per cent of youth between 15 and 24 years of age are currently “stuck in limbo” — not participating in employment, education or training — according to authors of the report. That adds up to 83,000 in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton. And many face the added hurdle of discrimination.

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