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CivicAction’s 2015 Federal Election Statement

Sevaun Palvetzian, CEO of CivicAction, made the following comments today after the results of Canada’s federal election:

TORONTO (October 20, 2015) – On behalf of CivicAction, I’d like to recognize the passion and dedication of every candidate who ran in the Federal election yesterday and extend warm congratulations to all elected MPs and Canada’s prime minister-designate, Mr. Trudeau.

CivicAction knows first-hand the power of momentum. With a significant increase in voter turnouts from 2011, Canadians have stepped up to help shape the priorities of their government. We look to our federal MPs to tap the energy that gripped Canadians during this year’s election and channel it into collective action to drive our nation’s prosperity.

Over the course of the election, Canadians watched and listened as our leaders put forth their vision on pressing issues like infrastructure, public transportation and affordable housing. These issues stood at the forefront of the debate because they are at the core of the health and resiliency of our cities and regions.

During Mr. Trudeau’s acceptance speech, he highlighted the strength of our diversity and the importance of an ambitious and inclusive government. I have no doubt that his collective approach to leadership and willingness to collaborate with all people and organizations will have a tremendous impact on the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area.

At CivicAction, we value collaboration as the new civic currency – it’s the one quality that all civic leaders need to have an impact. Under the leadership of Mr. Trudeau, we hope to see our federal government continue to embrace the same values in their efforts to strengthen our region and build lasting solutions.

As we move forward, the key to moving the needle on key regional issues will be a shared sense of ownership and involvement by all sectors, including our representatives in Ottawa. We look forward to working with our new and returning federal leaders as we make our city-region a great place to live, work, play and invest.