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CivicAction: Residents want leaders to get on with building better transit

Whether it’s in the 416 or the 905, transit expansion is building a groundswell of support as congestion grows to “crisis” levels in the GTHA, says a spokesperson for the Greater Toronto CivcAction Alliance.

John Tory, from CivicAction, an advocacy group calling for better regional transit connections, said Monday morning transportation has become the top local issue for residents concerned with gridlock and daily commute times that are among the highest in North America.

“You really get a feel when you travel to the farther reaches of the 416 and even more so into the 905 and see the seven day-a-week paralysis that so deeply affects families and businesses,” said Tory, the group’s chair, during a press conference held by CivicAction at city hall. “Transportation is at an all-time high as a concern for local residents.”

Tory, who is also a popular radio host, presented an update along with CivicAction CEO Mitzie Hunter of the group’s three-month-old Your32 publicity campaign for better transit. He said an “evolution” was taking place in the minds of residents regarding the toll congestion takes on their personal lives.

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