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Business leaders wrestle with solving youth unemployment

Written by Royson James
Published in Toronto Star

Zabeen Hirji, the chief human resources officer for RBC, couldn’t help noting: It’s a summer’s day, early in the morning, it’s raining, and the Pan Am Games vibe has taken over the city. And nearly 400 people are inside the Toronto Reference Library wrestling with one of the critical crises of our time: Youth unemployment.


CivicAction, the alliance of civic do-gooders that have taken on this cause, has convened them. The goal?

Link jobs to the young people who need them. Motivate employer and job-seeker to find each other. Provide and introduce 21st century connector tools. Make the argument that if they don’t hook up faster and more often than they do now, the country will take a $12-billion hit over two decades.

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