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Advancing diversity in leadership

Published in Hamilton Spectator

By Alyssa Lai and Kate Whelan


Hamilton prides itself on being a diverse and inclusive community and we can all identify many areas where successes can be celebrated. How inclusive is our region when it comes to diversity and leadership? Not as much as we would hope. A survey by CivicAction and Environics found that 45 per cent of rising leaders have directly experienced racism and/or discrimination in the past year.

While Hamilton is one of the most diverse communities in the region, our leadership does not reflect our city’s mosaic.



This needs to change, because diversity and inclusion are imperative for organizations, cities and society to thrive.



We must work towards building a diverse and inclusive community, at all levels and in all areas. When decision-makers at every level begin to reflect the diverse population in Hamilton, our culture will improve, the economy will grow and we will thrive collectively.

Hamilton residents Alyssa Lai and Kate Whalen are 2017 DiverseCity Felllows. The Fellows program is comprised of 25 emerging leaders in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Learn more: They are also members of the Leadership Forum.

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