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Task force to modernize Toronto Police Service

Written by David Rider
Published in the Toronto Star

Members of a new police task force have been tapped to lead a transformation in the Toronto Police Service, finding innovative ways to rethink policing, cut costs and tackle crime.

In other words, they’ve been given a toweringly tall order.

The police board announced in a release on Tuesday that it can formed the task force, drawn from both the public and the police, to “guide the transformation of policing in Toronto, with a focus on modernizing operations and containing costs.”


Here are the five community members taking on the daunting task of bringing “transformational change” to the police.


Sevaun Palvetzian: Palvetzian is the chief executive of CivicAction. She spent a decade with various ministries within the provincial government and spent two years at the Presidential Classroom, a Washington-based civic education organization. On Twitter, she describes herself as a “city-builder, bookworm, data junkie.”

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